Protect your home against hungry termite invaders.

People often wonder how such small insects can cause so much damage. If your home is in a known termite area it is at risk because these little insects have a never ending appetite. Remember that a regular inspection by a trained Orkin Canada Termite Specialist can help you identify any clues of an infestation.

Here are the top four reasons why your home can be at risk of termites:

Any home that is climate controlled year round will help create the conditions that are optimal for termites.

nything that creates moisture around your home can help attract termites including runoff moisture, drainage issues and condensation around and under your foundation.

Any wood products are at risk of attack by termites. This can include framing, debris, landscaping products and even firewood stored outside.

Termites can enter your home through even the smallest cracks or openings. The graphics below helps illustrate the areas where they can find access.


If you live in an area that is known to have termites these are some of the places on your home that you should pay particular attention to.


1.Roof Vents, Siding and Windows:
Anywhere in your house where there is a crack there is the potential for termites to enter. Consider areas like window joints, your siding, your eaves and roof vents.

2. Plumbing:
Anything that creates moisture can attract termites. Fixing any leaking plumbing to avoid the buildup of excess moisture will help.

3. Foam Insulation:
Termites can move quite quickly through foam insulation which leads them right to the wood in your house.

4. Decks and Wooden Fences:
Have a look to see if there is any damage on your decks or fences and repair as needed. If the wood touches soil it can be an attractive target for termites.

5. Firewood and Lumber:
Remember that any wood touching the soil are perfect ways for termites to get into your home as it may create a path that bypasses any protective soil treatment that may have been applied. Have a look around your house and remove any stacked firewood or lumber away from the foundation.

6. Air Conditioner Condensation:
Moisture is essential to a termite colonies’ survival so be sure to divert water away from the foundation in any area that is continually moist.

7. Crawl Spaces:
Any debris of a wood nature in a crawl space can also help attract termites. Keep your crawl spaces as clean as possible.

8. Gutters and Downspouts:
Anything on your home that helps create moisture is an issue in known termite areas. Keeping your gutters and downspouts clean and flowing will help.

9. Wood-to-Ground Contact:
A large number of termite infestations happen because somewhere there is wood to ground contact. Do your best to reduce these kinds of opportunities for termites.

10. Wood Chips and Mulch:
As with firewood and lumber be aware that any kind of wood related material can attract termites.

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