For over 100 years, we have used research and technology to better understand the pests and how to control them. Orkin has partnered with leading educational institutions to develop university-level training programs for all our experts in Pest. Each Specialist in Pest is equipped with the knowledge and training needed to protect your home from unwanted pest.So when our technicians arrive at your home, they will have at hand the best research and industry tools.

Each home is unique.

When you have a problem with pests or want to protect your home from future invasions, Orkin Hong Kong is ready to work. Each Orkin Man® is trained to evaluate assess the unique features of your home and then implement and monitor a protection plan he created especially for you. These are the solutions of Orkin:

• Assess – Your Orkin Man® will inspect and assess all potential risk areas and examine the reasons why pests can infest your home. Be it geography, climate, topography, soil type or flow, it is involved in protecting your home against pests.

• Implement – Based on the findings, the Orkin Man® will use a variety of tools and treatment techniques to help prevent pests and the threats they pose to you and your family. Depending on your situation, it will use its knowledge and experience to put these tools to work exactly where the pests can more easily infiltrate your home.

• Monitor – Pest control is not a single occasion: it requires day to day, examination of your home . We will monitor your home all year for any pest activity signals, recording the progress and communicating with you to help ensure the continued effectiveness of the service.

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