Orkin Systems, LLC is established in 1901, and have accumulated over 100 years of pest control management experience. Our headquarter is located in Atlanta, and is listed on NYSE. (Symbol : ROL)

Orkin has been awarded 10 consecutive years on Training magazine’s prestigious Top 125 list and has been featured among the magazine’s Editor’s Choice honourees.

Orkin is the only partnership with organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on pest biology research and pest-related disease studies.

Orkin Hong Kong is an independently operated franchise of Orkin Systems, LLC. that has the capacity and capability to service both commercial and residential customers. The company operates at the highest service standards.

We have dedicated our time to learning pest biology and behaviour to ensure that we offer the best customized solution for your home or business. Because we know that the science of pest management is always evolving, the Orkin Learning Centre stays abreast of cutting edge, innovative pest control techniques.








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